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Contemporary & artistic


Visual Artist

Passionate about getting the fabulous moments on digital and film.

Inspired by cinema aesthetics, visual arts & nature.

Let's dive into a new adventure. Let's create your story together. It doesn't matter if you are a lover, a business entrepreneur, or a person who wants to display your personality in the digital field.

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Hello. My name is Christina. Here I am with my passions: photography, videography, and art. All I need is my camera and a pencil. I want to inspire people to see the world differently and to dive into the art world.

I am a Portrait, Lifestyle, and Social Media Photographer and Content Producer who is passionate about getting your moment in time and capturing your real laughter.

I love art and the artsy world. My inspirations are music and literature, film, nature, visual arts photography, and moving images, which help me to portray emotions.

Unfold your Story

About Me Portrait Fabulousky

Helping my clients with ...

Photography & Videography for Corporate & Personal

  • Business Stories (Commercial, Personal Branding)
  • Weddings, Love Stories & Elopements
  • Visual Content for Your Website &
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Makeover
  • Videos (Gifs, Cinemagraphs, Reportage, simple mixed media animations, animated Logos, animated collages, Interviews)
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Can you imagine

FabulouSky because things always turn out fabulous if you can imagine what you are.


Double AA+

In creating FabulouSky Studio, I wanted to help you appear AUTHENTIC in a beautiful AESTHETIC.

A place where memories are created and moments are felt.

My goal is to create a moment free of pressure, with a light that feels good to be in.

In terms of digital appearance, I equally serve businesses and individuals.


What can I do for YOU?

  • Tell a story
  • Get attention
  • Be you
  • Create moments through all forms of visual storytelling (photography, videography, animation/motion design)
  • Social media account makeover: Analyze your existing channel and recommend improvements
  • Offer tips for communication strategy and its realization: Visit my workshops


Who is it for? My clients are dreamers, lovers, visionaries, or simply good hearts.



For lovers who want to create memories.

For families seeking quality time that they can later share with their relatives.

For individuals who simply want to experiment with who they are.

For creatives—whether they’re small companies, entrepreneurs, or individuals—who need help making their social media channels more appealing.


Business Stories

For (event) organizers who want to capture emotion.

For food bloggers who want to create cookbooks.

For musicians, artists, and any creatives who need an image.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses that require visual ideas.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an individual, or a creative who needs help making your social media channels more appealing, I am here for you.

What are you waiting for?

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