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Do you have a concept but not know how to start with social media? How to get followers and present your content?

Let’s go!

Let’s Get Started

Storytelling as a Driving Force for Marketing

In my work, I focus on storytelling.Stories evoke our curiosity, offer entertainment and relaxation, and attract attention.

Abstract information can be presented vividly, in a way that shows coherence, and much more.

So, let’s use the power and magic of stories!


Is your website lacking fresh photos? Would you like to add a short video or animation?

I will examine your website and social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram) in detail and give you tips on what to improve.

Visual Content MakeOver

With you, I will focus on your target group and create a social media strategy to attract that group. I will also create a visual content strategy that fits your vision, brand, and target audience.

Book a Social Media MakeOver

In addition, you can follow along with my workshops and learn how to create your own content in the future.


  • Build a sustainable communication strategy
  • What does a good editorial plan look like?
  • Which channels are most suitable for my company? How can I increase engagement and followers?
  • What are the social media ABCs and 1x1s? How do I choose the right channels for me? What tools should I use? 
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