Social Media Workshops & Photography Workshops

All About Learning

I will teach you Photography & Social Media

On the visual side


Gain a solid number of clients the digital way


Get fabulous pictures for your social media accounts, and website


Depict your company, you at work, or your life

Color | Design Theory

Color is an important factor in content and social media campaigns. Every color immediately sends a message to the brain …

Social Media Literacy

In my workshops, I will teach you about “Social Media for Beginners”: Which channels exist? Which channels are the right ones for you and how can you use them? How do you start and plan social media activity?


Moving pictures are an important instrument in telling a story. Video is one of the most entertaining and addicting forms of content online, so it’s no wonder that video marketing trends change from year to year. Originality is the key—be different. Let’s dive into it!

Can’t you see straight?
(Beginner’s Guide to Photography)

After a theory session (light, image construction, color theory, etc.) and explaining the manual settings of your reflex or mirrorless camera, we will explore the city or landscape.

Night Shootz

The city at night, or even better, the hunt for the Milky Way.

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Social Media

What content does my audience like and where do I get it?

Learn the basics so that you will know what a social media manager does, or even be able to do that work yourself. This includes knowledge of social media channels and which ones are right for you and your business. Learn how to create good content and gain followers. That precedes a good Social Media | Communication Strategy Plan.


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